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Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 4

Case study - Essay Example Because of higher demands, price quotation would also not be a problem for the company because it can be assured that consumers will be ready to pay. This way, the company will not be forced in making price quotations that affects its expenditure and ratio balance (Blunt, Jones, & Richards, 2003). What is more, the market segment to be used for this proposal would ensure that there will be less expenditure on shared cost such as transportation. This way, the company will be looking at a revenue ratio that far outweighs its expenditure, making it easier to realize profits. Even though the risks identified with this proposal are realistic, it is hoped that there will be equally effective risk mitigation and contingency procedures that will be used to meet such risks as political inconsistency, which may bring about new financial policies that may be unfavourable for the company. 2.0 Risk Log for Recommended Proposal Risk Category Risk Name Risk Number Probability (1 – 3) Impact (1 – 3) Risk Score Mitigation Contingency Action by Action when National Uncertainty in success rate due to Scottish referendum 1.1 2 2 4 Look for new markets outside of Scotland Start a new market right away Eddy Ware Now National Political change that affects existing economic policies 1.2 1 3 3 Engage in pre-referendum economic policies that hedge the company against any possible economic shocks Hedge from a new capital market Elaine Morgan Now Local people Scottish locals accepting foreign brand 2.1 1 2 2 Introducing the product to a more foreign oriented market Find substitute products to introduce to the market Eddy Ware Now Currency Exchange risk emanating from possible change of currency 3.1 1 2 2 Currency market hedging that puts the company ahead of any possible currency shocks in about one year after new currency introduction Buy hedged currency product Elaine Morgan Upon announcement of new currency Raw material downturn in this year’s yield of organic suga r crop 4.1 2 2 4 The use of alternative and backup suppliers Stock company inventory now Paul Hollywood Now 3.0 Stakeholder Analysis 3.1 Identifying key stakeholders and their interest The implementation of the proposal to expand cake and biscuit production needs the input, consent, power, support and approval of several people, who together come to form a stakeholder base for the proposal. In line with the conditions needed to kick start the proposal and also to control the risk, the following people are identified within the organization as stakeholders. Gordon Blanc: As the CEO and head chef of MOP Restaurant, he is included as a stakeholder who would have authorizing powers to give approvals to the starting, continuation and stoppage of various tasks within the proposal. Particularly with areas that have to do with the MOP restaurant, it is expected that Gordon Blanc will make extra roles such as quality control roles for the manufacturing of cakes and biscuits for the restauran t. Martin Inch: He is also needed for his capacity as the CEO to give authorities on the start, continuation and conclusion of projects. It is expected that the project manager would make direct reports to him about the progress, successes and challenges within the project as he is the eventual overseers of

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Study of Anti-Dumping by a Regional Trade Agreement Dissertation

Study of Anti-Dumping by a Regional Trade Agreement - Dissertation Example Anti-dumping policies are typically rationalized on the basis that they are necessary for eliminating harmful dumping practices by exporters and to promote fair competition in trade (Davis, 2009). Even so, research demonstrates that despite the fact that the WTO’s anti-dumping policies are intended to protect the interests of domestic producers and to promote fair competition and trade, the frequent use of the WTO’s Anti-dumping Agreement by some regional actors such as the EU, the USA and China demonstrates that the WTO’s Anti-Dumping Agreement is exploited for unnecessary protectionisms and retaliatory measures. Moreover, Article XXIV of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 allows the creation of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) and thus together with the Anti-Dumping Agreement exacerbates the WTO’s liberalized multilateral world trade system and particularly its goal of indiscriminate trade. This research study examines the use of the WTOâ₠¬â„¢s Anti-Dumping policies in RTAs and demonstrates exploitation via unnecessary protectionism and retaliatory measures. It is concluded that the trends in regional trade agreement anti-dumping policies and practices fully demonstrate that WTO members are free to exploit the Anti-Dumping Agreement contained in Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (GATT) for excessive protectionism, retaliatory measures and for discriminatory trade practices contrary to GATT’s non-discrimination trade policies.... Table of Contents Abstract 3 Table of Contents 3 Chapter One 5 Introduction to the Study 5 I.Background to the Study 5 II.Research Questions 9 III.Aims and Objectives of the Study 10 V.Significance of the Study 11 VI.Research Methods 11 VII.Organization of the Study 12 Chapter Two 12 A Review of the Literature 12 I.Introduction 13 II.RTAs 13 A.Definition 13 B.Typologies of RTAs 14 D.Conclusion 23 III.Conceptualizing Anti-Dumping 24 A.Definitions 24 B.The Advantages and Disadvantages of Anti-Dumping Policies and Measures 26 C.Conclusion 30 IV.The WTO’s International Trade System 31 V.Conclusion 33 Chapter Three 34 Regional Trade Agreements Within the World Organization’s Multilateral System 34 I.Introduction 34 II.Snapshot of the WTO’s Legal Regime Facilitating RTAs in the WTO’s Multilateral Trade System 35 III.The WTO’s Legal Framework for the Formation of RTAS 36 A.Customs Unions 45 B.Free Trade Arrangements 47 VI.Conclusion 49 Chapter Four 49 The WTO’s Anti-Dumping Legal Framework 49 I.Introduction 49 II.Anti-Dumping Under the WTO 50 III.Conclusion 56 Chapter Five 57 Findings/Conclusion 57 Chapter One Introduction to the Study I. Background to the Study Dumping occurs when products or goods are sold on the global market or exported to a domestic market at a relative low price compared to like products or goods (Raju, 2008). According to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade(GATT) 1994, dumping refers to the sale of goods and products at a price lower that its ordinary value (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994, Article VI). According to GATT (1994: Article VI) the ordinary value of goods and products is the price at which those goods and products are

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Population of Bird in Acacia Mangium Proposal

Population of Bird in Acacia Mangium Proposal BIRD POPULATION IN EIGHT YEARS OLD OF Acacia Mangium PLANTATION IN SABAH LEE WOONJAH 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of Study Bird is a class of animals that live in a wide range of environments, from the tropical regions to the polar region. Them consists over 10,000 species (Betz Parr, n.d.). Each species of bird has a restricted range of size from small to large because the wing size of birds is vary. In tropical region, birds play roles as pest controller or pollinator to plants and animals. In Borneo, there are 643 species of birds recorded. (Wong, 2012). However, bird species found in natural forest and plantation are different. Many tropical forests have been converted into plantation or agriculture due to the demand of raw materials. According to FAO (XX), many private sectors are involve in forest plantation plan such as Sabah Forest Industries (SFI), Sabah Softwoods (SS), Sabah Forest Department Authority (SAFODA) and other companies. Those companies are established fast growing tree species in forest plantation area. Tree species planted are generally exotic such as Acacia mangium, Paraserianthes falcataria and Tectona grandis. The reason for plant exotic species is provide sustainable supply of wood materials for its industrial uses in short periods. To ensure the sustainable wood material supply, fast growing species of trees are recommended to the industrial plantation. Acacia mangium is a species that contribute for the wood production in Malaysia. A. mangium has been planted widely in East Malaysia for the wood based industry. (Adam et al, n.d.) This species of tree is well develops in Sabah because of its desirable properties which is rapid growth, good wood quality and tolerance to poor soil condition. (Krisnawati et al., 2011) Acacia mangium is originates from the humid tropical forest of north-eastern Australia. The tree species was successful introduced to Sabah in the mid of 1960’s. (Krisnawati et al., 2011) This fast growing species can produce more raw materials for the industrial uses in a shorter period. However, conversion of natural forest to plantation or agricultural will influence the habitat of bird. In forest plantation, the food resources may decrease or confine and also influence the place for nesting. As such, the relationship between species of bird and its population is important to be investigated. 1.2 Problem Statement Birds consist of different composition base on its attribute and adaptation to forest plantation. Bird can be biological controller and pollinator. For example, biological pest control is more suitable for control of pest compare to chemical in order to ensure the quality of trees. However, bird population is different in many types of forest. The reason is mostly the development of land under the plantation planning. The land-use planning confines the vegetation such as monoculture. Vegetation in primary forest is dense and richer then forest plantation. Therefore, bird species is more diverse and the population of bird is higher. Birds are migrates from one place to another place due to vary reason. The most common reason is environment change. Food resources are not diverse as primary forest. Mostly forest plantation is undergoes monoculture planting method. Tree species for plantation in Sabah are generally fast growing species such as Acacia mangium, Eucalyptus deglupta, Tectona grandis and others species. Clear felling before establish plantation can cause bird population decline dramatically. The reason is no suitable place for nesting and feeding. On the other hand, this type of research is seldom done in forest plantation. However, there are some researches done in Sabah Softwoods (SS) but not yet done in SFI. The previous study is not focus on bird population in forest plantation. The study of bird population requires to updates constantly due to the global changing. Therefore, this comparison is important to obtain more precise data with the previous study. 1.3 Justification Bird species in forest plantation remains lack of publishable information for investigate bird population in Sabah. Limitation of data will influence it credibility for future plantation planning and management. Through this research, general bird species will be investigated and evaluate the bird population in Acacia mangium plantation at the age of five year old. This finding of study can act as the future references for the occurrence and assemblage of bird species in forest plantation. 1.4 Objectives To investigate the population of bird in Acacia mangium of eight years old. To compare the bird diversity in forest plantation with the previous study. 1.5 Limitation There are some limitations in this research. First limitation is weather. Bird observation is usually conducts under sunny or cloudy day. Observation normally does not conduct during raining day because birds are hard to identify and the safety factors. Secondly, Timing for bird observation is critical. Bird observation is conduct start from seven o’clock at morning until noon. The reason is observer require to know the bird habitats such the duration time for searching food sources. 2.0 Literature Review 2.1 Definition of Bird Bird is an animal that consists of more than 8600 species worldwide. (McDade, 2005) Birds are grouped into the Animalia Kingdom, Phylum of Chordata and under the class of Aves. (â€Å"Bird Calssifications/ Families†, 2009). All types of birds consist of backbone and hence are grouped into the Chordata Phylum. In the Class Aves, birds can be classify into 23-40 orders.(â€Å"Bird classification†, 2015) The size of birds are vary due to its habitat and also influenced by the environments. Birds have few characteristics such pair of wings, bill, tails, and feathers to distinguish them with others. Wings are the important part for birds to fly. Birds, unlike the others animals, are walk on the ground but mostly they have evolved the capability for flight. Birds have moveable wings but not alike to the fixed wings of aircraft. Their wings are powered by muscles and can soar to the sky rapidly. Some soaring birds like albatross, can fly using their wings and using air currents as a source of power. (Betz Parr, n.d.). Bird forelimbs have evolved into wings and their bones are hollow and can decrease their weight. Weight is also an issue that influence their flying capability. For example, goose and domestic chicken. Feather is one of the unique characteristic of birds and make them difference among living animals. Feathers are made of keratin and adapt to flight. Wings made of feathers are adjustable, which mean the soft down feathers is thermally insulating a bird body. Birds can fly to escape their enemies or nesting at higher place that they enable to walk to. (McDade, 2005) Feathers are crucial for bird to fly. The contour feathers on the body establish the smooth, streamlined contour of bird body and enlarged the flight feathers. However, feathers also provide a windproof and waterproof covering for birds to prevent them from get cold and maintain their body temperature. In bird behaviour, feathers are an important factor to attract the female birds during the courtship and mating. In many species of birds, male birds are generally has brighter color of feathers while female birds have drab feathers. (â€Å"Aves: More on Morphology†, n.d.) Bills of bird are different in shapes and colors. Different shaped of bills serve different ecological purposes and adapt to the bird’s feeding habits. For instance, Bird’s with short thin bills is for insect eater, long thin bills can for probing flowers or soft mud for worms. The bill is allows the birds to pick fruit or food sources from the end of branches. A bird bill is composed of a number of rhamphotheca that is made of keratin. 2.2 Definition of Acacia mangium Acacia mangium also known as Acacia mangium Wild, or called as akasia mangium in Malay, is a type of fast–growing tree species in plantation programs throughout the Asia and Pacific. This species of tree is origin from the north-eastern Australia, eastern Indonesia and western Papua New Guinea. ( Krisnawati, Kallio and Kanninen (2011) reported that A. mangium has been widely introduced to many Asia countries and successful introduced to Malaysia in the mid of 1960. A.mangium become one of the major tropical plantation forestry species because of its fast growing capability and cam adapt well in the poor soil condition. (Dhamodaran Chacko, 1999) This tree species can grow rapidly in the acidic soils and degraded sites but it is intolerant to the shade condition, and grows to be stunted. (Krisnawati, Kallio and Kanninen ,2011). Acacia mangium is a species of tropical lowland climatic zone characteristic and required high total annual rainfall (about 1000- 4500 mm). Tree growth will be slow down if the dry period is prolonged. Acacia mangium generally can grow up to a height of 25-35 meter with a straight bole and the diameter at breast height (dbh) of over 60cm. (Dhamodaran Chacko, 1999). However, it is rare for Acacia mangium tree grow until 60cm of dbh because it is time consuming and growth of tree will declines rapidly after seven or eight years and except under very ideal conditions over a long periods. (Dhamodaran Chacko, 1999). A. mangium tree height can increase up to 10-15m in the first two to three years and increases dramatically up to 25 m at about 5 years. Acacia mangium wood has potential be the raw material for pulp and paper, furniture, woodchips and others wood products. Its leaves can serve as the forage for livestock or decomposes be the soil fertilizer. Besides that, Acacia mangium sawdust can provide the substrate for the edible mushroom. (Lemmens etal, 1995) However, this tree species also useful for improve soil fertility. They can maintain the percentage of nitrogen and increase the soil biological activity. This tree is suitable to plant at the areas that heavily infested by weeds and it have the ability to overcome the competition from weeds such as Immperata grass. (Dhamodaran Chacko, 1999) 2.3 Biodiversity in Forest Plantation Forest plantation is covered more than 80 percent globally and Asia region is covered around 116 hectares (62 percent) in 2000. Forest plantation defined as forest stands established by planting in the afforestation or reforestation process. However, forest plantation area is establishes rapidly worldwide due to the demand of wood material. This trend has become loss of biodiversity especially for developing countries. Vegetation in primary forest is dense than In Sabah, forest plantation is mostly developed by state government during 1970an. Biodiversity in Malaysia is vary among the world. For example, there are more than 220 species of birds in the primary jungle of Malaysia. (Phillipps Phillipps, 2014) The index of biodiversity is changing based on the land use planning. Biodiversity is different between different types of forest as such as primary forest, secondary forest and plantation estate. Birds are migrates from one place to another place due to vary reason. The most common reason is environment change. Food resources are not diverse as primary forest. Mostly forest plantation is undergoes monoculture planting method. Tree species for plantation in Sabah are generally fast growing species such as Acacia mangium, Eucalyptus deglupta, Tectona grandis and others species. Clear felling before establish plantation can cause bird population decline dramatically. The reason is no suitable place for nesting and food searching. 3.0 Methodology 3.1 Location of Study The study site for this research is the eight years old Acacia mangium plantation in Sabah Forest Industries (SFI). Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) is located Sepitang, Sabah (Coordinates: 5 °144N 115 °3123E) and at the southwestern of Sabah state. This company is manages about 288138 hectares of forest estates that consist of natural forest management (NFM) area and industrial tree plantation. The total area for NFM area is 104822 hectares and industrial tree plantation area are consist by titled land (11845 hectares) and non-titled land (171471 hectares). This company was operated since 1987. Currently, SFI is own by Ballarpur Industries Limited which is a part of Avantha Group of companies. Geographical location Map Topography at sfi Historical of sfi and size of plantation SFI is the only one integrated pulp and paper manufacturer and is one of timber growers and wood processors in Malaysia. In SFI, consist of saw mill, veneer and plywood factory and pulp and paper manufacturing facilities. Market for SFI includes the domestic and international market of writing paper and market pulp. Wood material of SFI is harvest from forest estate that included NFM area and plantation. 3.2 Methods I will use transect survey to conduct this research. Transect is situated in Acacia mangium plantation. Each transect is 500m long and consist of 10 points. Each point is 50m apart. Observer obtains the incident data by bird sighting. I use incident observation as the method to observe bird in plantation. Observations are made using 3060 binocular. (Mohammad et al. 2011). Binocular is equipment that used to observe the bird species and its characteristics. After observation, the bird characteristic is sketched and recorded in sketch book. The incident data is recorded including the date, time, location and morphology of bird species. The bird species are then identified using Wong (2012). 3.3 Data Analysis After all data is collect, I identify each species of bird according to their morphology. The data is then analysis by using Shannon Index. 4.0 Expected result The species of bird is expected to have babbler, fantail, flowerpecker and spiderhunter at five years old A. mangium plantation. The reason is they are mainly insectivores species. Acacia mangium trees will produces seed pods once a year and this can attract some bird to foraging in the plantation. 5.0 Budget Binocular is the essential item for bird observing and it cost RM 30 which brought through website. There are two references books needed in this research. â€Å"Birds of Borneo† is a references book for identify bird follow the data that recorded in the sketch book. This book is written by Wong Tsu Shi and published by John Beaufoy Publishing Limited. This book cost RM 49.40. Another references book is â€Å"Phillipps’ field guide to the Birds of Borneo† written by Quentin Phillipps and Karen Philipps. This book is cost RM 79.20 and its function is same as the book â€Å"Bird of Borneo†. Besides that, budget for the documentation is around RM 200.00 including five copies laser jet printing, photocopy, binding and expenses for stationary. I also budget about RM 150.00 for transportation fees that include the fees for field trip to collect data. Furthermore, budget for food sources requires to considerate during fieldtrip. So, food sources budget is given a round RM 350.00 for 30 days fieldwork. The total up of all expenses in this research is about RM 808.60. 6.0 Work Schedule References â€Å"Aves: More on Morphology†. (n.d.) Retrieve from 11Jan 1996 â€Å"Bird Classification†. (2015). NewMedia Holdings,Inc. Retrieve from 22 feb 2015 â€Å"Bird Classifications/ Families†. (2009) Nutty Birdwatcher. Retrieve from 1 Dec 2009 Wooff, W.G. 2012. Sabah Forest Industries. 1 Nov 2011 Adam, N. S., Jusoh, I., Ishak, N. D. 2012. Growth Characteristics of Acacia mangium Plantation in Sarawak. International Plantation Industry Conference Exhibition. September 4-9, 2012. Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Betz,J. Parr, C. (n.d.) Encyclopedia of Life. Retrieve from Dhamodaran. T.K. Chacko, K.C. 1999. Growth and wood characteristics of Acacia mangium growth in Kerala. Kerala Forest Research Institute. Retrieve from Krisnawati, H., Kallio, M., Kanninen, M. 2011. Acacia mangium Wild.:ecology, silviculture and productivity. Indonesia: Center for International Forestry Research. Lemmens, R. H. M. J., Soerianegara, I., Wong, W. C. 1995. Plant resources of South-East Asia No. 5 (2). Timber trees: minor commercial timbers. London: Backhuys Publishers. Mead, D. J., Miller, R. R. (1991, February). The establishment and tending of Acacia mangium. InACIAR Proc vol. 35, pp. 116-122. Styring, A.R., Ragai, R.,Unggang, J., Stuebing, R., Hosner, P.A., Sheldon, F.H. 2011. Bird community assembly in Bornean industrial tree plantations: Effect of forest age and structure. Forest Ecology and Management, 261, 531-544. Wong, T.S. 2011. Birds of Borneo. United Kingdom: John Beaufoy Publishing Limited. McDade, M.C. 2005. Grzimek’s student animal life resource, Birds. Canada: Thomson Gale. Phillipps, Q. Phillipps, K. 2014. Phillipps’ field guide to the birds of Borneo. United Kingdoms: John Beaufoy Publishing. Krishnapillay, D.K. 1998. Edited by Varmola. M. Case study of the tropical forest plantations in Malaysia. 1

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The Depths of Fear: Peter Benchley Essay examples -- Authors

The world’s oceans, they cover a great majority of our planet. According to scientists, we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about what’s in the waters of our own planet. Even with advancing science we still don’t know very much about them. So imagine what it was like back around the 1970’s, it was already a time of great fear, and to some extent, paranoia in the United States with the threat of nuclear war and multiple other new threats emerging. Surprisingly, although it was known that there were dangerous things in the sea, nobody seemed to pay that much mind to it. All that changed when a man named Peter Benchley wrote a book called Jaws. This book, the resulting movie, and his literary works to follow opened up a new aspect that no one had ever thought of. It was a new breed of terror that came from the last place anyone ever had expected, the ocean itself. It is because of this book that Peter Benchley really became a household name. Born May 8th, 1940 in New York, NY he was raised in a family of writers. His father Nathaniel Benchley was a known writer of children’s books and his grandfather was a well-known humorist named Robert Benchley. He spent his childhood writing and even got paid in his teens to write during his vacations. He got a very formal writer’s education studying at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and attaining his major in English from Harvard. He wrote a sort of autobiography of himself as his very first published book entitled Time and a Ticket in 1964. Before he even got to the ideas for the books he’s now famous for, he spent time in several other writing positions including some for the Washington Post, Newsweek, and he even served as a speech writer for President Lyndon B. ... ... over the course of his life, Peter Benchley passed away in February 2006, the legacy ending of the man who made generations afraid to get in the water. Works Cited Swann, Christopher. "Peter Benchley: Overview." Contemporary Popular Writers. Ed. Dave Mote. Detroit: St. James Press, 1997. Literature Resource Center. Web. 29 Mar. 2012 The Wilson Quarterly. 30.2 (Spring 2006) p120. Word Count: 155. From Literature Resource Center. "Peter Benchley." (2007): n. page. Web. 4 Apr. 2012. Benchley, Peter. The Beast. Random House, 1991. Print. Benchley, Peter. Shark Trouble. Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2003. Print. Benchley, Peter. White Shark. Random House, 1994. Print. "Biography for Peter Benchley." n.pag. Web. 5 Apr 2012. .

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Dow Rohm and Haas

DOW chemical company The year 2009 was the most active an challenging year for Dow in its whole history. It was the turning point for the transformation to the† leading global specialty chemical and advanced materials Company†. On April 1 2009 DOW finally completed the acquisition of specialty chemicals maker Rohm and Haas after eight months â€Å"fight†. On July 10 2008 DOW pronounced to pay $78 per share to buy Rohm and Haas (current stock price on 9 July, $44, 83) because they expected more than $7 billion in pretax process from the joint venture, K-DOW, with a state owned Kuwait company. Due to the global financial crisis, the decrease of the oil prices and the governmental rating for the deal as â€Å"too risky† the Kuwait Company withdraw their $17. 4 billion offer in December 2008. Dow was now unwilling to pay the $15. 3 billion for Rohm and Haas and consequently tried to delay the process. With this situation, the dilemma of DOW was perfect, a global economic meltdown and a promise which DOW was not able to finish because of a deal break. The whole economy changed after the pronouncement in July that the second largest chemical company would like to by Rohm and Haas. Stock prices of chemical companies increased immense and the shareholder of Rohm and Haas expect a large profit from their shares especially in the ongoing global downturn, pressing the stock values to the bare bone. Rohm and Haas forced DOW to finish the promised acquisition but DOW never got a specific plan how to handle this complex and significantly changed situation. Just an email from the chairman of DOW explained that it would be better to wait till June 2009 in order to finish the deal. After they heard that Dow invested in different other projects it was simply too much for Rohm and Haas, as they could not understand why other deals were made but the acquisition was still delayed, so they started a litigation to enforce the merger. Rohm and Haas and DOW conducted several meeting to find a way to resolve the situation, but without any success and to the great disappointment of Rohm and Haas as their expectations were not met at all. Analysts said: â€Å"It was a â€Å"CLASH OF TITANS†Ã¢â‚¬ . Finance Projects Clinical Research Case- DOW Chemical Company Silke Rahden In terms of the second half of 2008 and beginning of 2009 we notice a dramatically decrease of the DOW stock price. Well, it is in the middle of the financial crisis in the USA but the more important â€Å"deal† which caused the decline was the acquisition of Rohm and Haas, pronounced in July 2008 and finally finished in April 2009. During this time the stock prices slide into free fall/ drop to the pits from $32,52 (July 2008) to $8,81 (April 2009). The absolutely low point was on 30 March 2009 with $8. 30 per share. The main reason for the â€Å"death† point, in addition to the financial crisis, was the finish of the acquisition of Rohm and Haas after eight months up and downs. Income Statement: Finance Projects Clinical Research Case- DOW Chemical Company Silke Rahden References: http://finance. yahoo. com/q/is? s=DOW+Income+Statement&annual http://phx. corporate-ir. net/phoenix. zhtml? c=80099&p=irolstockcalculator&t=Calc&control_type=256&control_ http://crisisexperts. blogspot. com/2009/02/dowrohm-and-haas-acquisition-crisis. html Finance Projects Clinical Research Case- DOW Chemical Company Silke Rahden

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National Honor Society Program Entry Essay - 1167 Words

It is unbelievable that I have been selected to potentially become an NHS member. As I look back on the last two and a half years of my high school career, I realize there have been many times that I could have given up on trying to achieve my academic goals. I have had opportunities to cheat and lie my way through it, but as a meticulous student chose to do my very best the honest way. I have maintained a 4.0 grade point average, so I am an incredibly hard-working student. I promise to continue to work hard in order to keep getting straight A’s and that is only one reason I should be chosen to be an official member of the National Honor Society. As the wise John D. Rockefeller once said, â€Å"The most important thing for a young man or woman is to establish credit-a reputation and character.† Character is the mental and moral qualities that are distinctive to an individual. It reflects who you are as a person and I understand that character is an incredibly important factor in selecting your NHS members. Throughout my life, I have taken many risks to challenge myself. The first choice I made for high school was whether to take Biology or take General Science as a Freshman. I had always struggled in middle school with science, so it was a difficult decision for me. I chose to take Biology and I am grateful that I did. Over the past three years, science has become one of my favorite subjects. I comprehend it a lot faster than I used to and sometimes even faster than otherShow MoreRelatedMy Adversities Give my Life Purpose899 Words   |  4 Pagestenth grade in Brooklyn Preparatory High School. During that school year, I was entered into the Honor Roll of the High School. I also applied for and Participated in the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) at Baruch College. I was also a member of Woman Press Collectives. At the end of the school year I was recognized for my academic achievement by being Inducted into the National Honor Society. After nine months, I had to return to Ethiopia earlier than my visas expiration, because ofRead More100 Essay Topics1545 Words   |  7 Pagest100 ESSAY AND JOURNAL TOPICS Ken Stewart Chapel Hill High School Chapel Hill, North Carolina Journal writing is an informal approach to developing students’ writing skills. The assessment is primarily based on improvement and completing a minimum number of pages (5 pages skipping lines) by the established deadline. My feedback to students is focused on interaction with what they have written as opposed to correcting syntax or orthography. Since this is a dialogue journal, I respect the confidentialRead MoreCross Cultural Psychology - A Case Study On Marcus Garvey Essay1488 Words   |  6 Pagesin the Black communities and they are not normally a part of the curricula in the western educational systems. The outcome is extensive historical amnesia amidst Black people regarding their past histories (McFarlane, 2012). The character of this essay is Julien Walters. He founded one of the largest mass movements in the history of the black people. His remarkable accomplishment came at a time that African-Americans were suffering from broken confidence and were jobless. Julie n utilized these particularRead MoreA National Identity Crisis- Research Paper2635 Words   |  11 PagesA National Identity Crisis? Humans from various parts of the globe, including the Western hemisphere, arrived tens of thousands of years ago. These people belonged to different cultures, different groups, and spoke different languages. They settled in places where they could find water and food. It’s often thought that migration and immigration are the same and immigration came out of migration, which is NOT true. During seasons, birds migrate from one place to another. Once the season is overRead MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 Pagesstatement of purpose will distinguish you from the other 150 to 400 applicants competing for the 10 to 20 spots in an average- to large-sized graduate program (―Preparing Your Statement of Purpose Personal Statementâ€â€"). You can achieve your goal by ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · Convincing readers you researched and selected the appropriate school and graduate program based on research interests that match those of one or more professors Explaining your academic experiences and research interests and goals DemonstratingRead More00002525 Develop A Media Plan4575 Words   |  19 Pagesshore to the bottom of the sea in AQWA’s Underwater Gallery. Entry Prices Special Offers : Admission Prices Adult $29.00 Concession (Valid concession card must be shown: Pensioner, student, healthcare card) $21.00 Child (ages 4 to 15 years) $17.00 Child (under 4 years if accompanied by a family member) Free Family (2 adults and 2 children) $79.00 Terms Conditions of Entry - Children 15 years or under must be accompanied by a responsibleRead Morestudy guide Essay5978 Words   |  24 Pagescareer development opportunities Weeks 3 12 2. Problem Working 20% Identify aspects of social and cultural diversity Contextualise information and problem definition Understand the cognitive dispositional dimension of critical thinking Essay and Problem solving exercise Locate, critically evaluate, manage and use written, numerical and electronic information Communicate in a variety of contexts and modes Weeks 4 9 3. Case Assessments 50% Appreciate the social, cultural,Read MoreThe Government and Not-For-Profit Environment100975 Words   |  404 PagesTaxpayers. c) Donors. d) Internal managers. 16. Which of the following is a probable use a donor would make of the external financial statements of a not-for-profit entity? a) To determine the proportion of entity resources directed to programs as opposed to fund-raising. b) To determine the creditworthiness of the entity for investment purposes. c) To determine the salaries paid to all employees of the entity. d) To determine the budget of the entity. 17. A regulatory agencyRead MoreGender Based Violence4083 Words   |  17 Pagescontinuation. This is because a person who has been abused is likely to feel subordinate to the abuser hence increasing the gender gap (inequality). Therefore, this essay is an attempt to explain and describe the sequential platform of actions that can be taken to curb, eradicate or rather minimize the vices of gender based violence.In so doing, the essay will begin by giving the definition, nature and forms of gender based violence, statistics on gender based violence, description of munyumbwe village,causesRead MoreTop Bangladeshi Business Icon6532 Words   |  27 Pagesrespectable Muslim family of Jhiltuli, Faridpur on December 31, 1959. His fatherà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s name is Late Alhaj MA Aziz who was a respected personality among the people of Faridpur. Education   This talented and self determined industrialist. Mr. Azad did his Honors in Applied Physics in 1983 from University of Dhaka. Early Career After completion his higher education Mr. Azad did not try to have any government job rather he engaged himself with business. Despite having many impediments as well as problems

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Tomorrow Is Too Far Analysis - 1720 Words

Tomorrow Is Too Far VATE Inside Stories 2014 This is the other story in the collection, which is told in the second person and it is considered the more powerful one by many reviewers. This story looks back eighteen years to an incident in the narrator’s childhood, one which has had a major impact on her whole life. The narrator reflects on the last summer before everything changed – her parents divorced, she never returned to Nigeria or saw her father’s family again. The memory begins eighteen years earlier in Nigeria at grandmamma’s place where the American-Nigerian narrator, her older brother Nonso and her cousin Dozie were all staying. Grandmamma favoured Nonso as the eldest grandson and the only one to carry the ‘Nnabuisi name’†¦show more content†¦Dozie asks if she dreams of Nonso like he does, but she says no. He leaves her weeping by the avocado tree. Tomorrow Is Too Far TSSM Text Guide Setting Tomorrow Is Too Far starts as a reflective piece. The main character is reflecting on her last summer in Nigeria. When the story moves to present day it is still set in Nigeria, with the main character returning to the country for the first time in eighteen years. The story gets its title from a snakeskin that the main character finds during her last summer in Nigeria. Grandmama called it â€Å"echi eteka, ‘Tomorrow Is Too Far’. One bite, she said, and it’s over in ten minutes.† (P. 188). Narrative Voice Second Person Narrative The story is written as a second person narrative. This style puts the reader in the position of the main character. We are never told the main character’s name, making it easier for the reader to relate to the character. Writing in the second person also challenges the reader, putting them in the position of the main character. Plot Summary The story begins with the main character reflecting back on her last summer in Nigeria, eighteen years ago, before her parents were divorced. She remembered Grandmama’s house with the tree-filled backyard that was moist and warm. The trees were all entangled together. In the evenings Grandmama let Nonso climb the trees and shake the fruit free, even though you were theShow MoreRelatedThe Thing Around Your Neck - Tomorrow Is Too Far Analysis Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesTomorrow Is Too Far VATE Inside Stories 2014 This is the other story in the collection, which is told in the second person and it is considered the more powerful one by many reviewers. This story looks back eighteen years to an incident in the narrator’s childhood, one which has had a major impact on her whole life. The narrator reflects on the last summer before everything changed – her parents divorced, she never returned to Nigeria or saw her father’s family again. The memory begins eighteenRead MoreStrategic Planning : Key Component Of A Strategic Plan948 Words   |  4 PagesStrategic planning is vital to the success of a business. A key component of a strategic plan comes in the form of a thorough SWOT analysis. The financial gain of a company can be directly impacted by its strategic plan, and without strategic planning a business or company has no defined direction for the future. Strategic planning aids a business in laying out a direction and path for the business to follow in order to increase its chances of being successful and prosperous. According to the textbookRead MoreA Commentary on the Geranium by Theodore Roethke Essay828 Words   |  4 PagesMallory Goss English HL Mrs. Riggs October 2nd 2012 Poetry Analysis The poem â€Å"The Geranium† by Theodore Roethke tells the story of a bachelor, formerly a party animal, now a lonely, aging man, through a sustained metaphor which uses the speaker’s geranium as a symbol for the disregard of his own health. The plant is never well, nor is he, due to the speaker being as inconsiderate to the geranium as he is to himself. With imagery, alliteration, and symbolism, much is learned about the speakerRead MorePersonal Narrative : The Great Gatsby1197 Words   |  5 Pagesunderstand what a book is trying to convey. Unfortunately, she did not always finish the chapter we were reading so she assigned the rest of the reading as homework. Trying my hardest to read the chapter and fill out the worksheets in school proved to be too difficult because I had difficulties trying to recall the complete story. I found it best to read the chapter at home where it was always as quiet as a mouse and free of any disturbances. Once I had read the chapter I listened to it again on YouTubeRead MoreMeasure For Measure Death Essay1620 Words   |  7 Pagesof death. III Duke (As Friar Lodowick): Angelo had never the purpose to corrupt her; Only he hath made an assay of her virtue, to practice his judgement with the disposition of natures. †¦tomorrow you must die. Go to your knees and make ready. (III.i.180-185) The Duke tells Claudio that Angelo only tried to seduce Isabella to test her virtue, and Claudio responds by expressing his regret and wishing he had an opportunity to ask for Isabella’sRead MoreUser Needs Analysis And Process Cycle Time Analysis990 Words   |  4 PagesUser Needs Analysis and Process Cycle Time Analysis A user needs analysis is simply demarcated as a sanctioned process dedicated for the needs of an individual, group, or company regarding a product or some form of intellectual merchandise, equipment, or system. This analysis is not only vital to the needs of the consumers and business owners, it’s also considered priceless to the shareholders or stakeholders. The user needs analysis or needs analysis as many call it, is considered a tremendouslyRead MoreLanguage And Its Effects On The Formation Of Relative Clauses820 Words   |  4 Pageshas been done in analyzing various aspects of the language. However, one area which has thus far been not enough explored is that of the syntactic elements of the relative clause. To this end, the paper will focus on by providing a detailed (though not exhaustive) analysis of relative clauses without attempting to grapple with morphology. This is done deliberately so that time is not wasted on restating too much previous research as morphology in Kiswahili is already a well-researched area. MoreoverRead MoreBus 402 Swot Analysis1143 Words   |  5 PagesStarbucks SWOT Analysis Michaela Frossard BUS 402 Strategic Management and Business Policy Steven Foster April 16, 2012 The Starbucks mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.( How true does Starbuck stay to their mission? By performing a SWOT analysis, we can determine it strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to see how well Starbucks adheres to their mission. Strengths * Starbucks is theRead MoreEssays50025 - How To Create Seo Strategy For Your Website.956 Words   |  4 Pagesneed to research and build a big list of keywords for each web page you create. The truth is that relevant keywords change on a daily basis depending upon what is popular. Today, the keyword â€Å"High School Musical† is popular because of a movie, and tomorrow it is popular because an angry Muslim extremist shot up a college student’s High School musical production. Link Up Your Website Good And Proper Having your website correctly linked up helps rank your website up the Google search engine resultsRead MoreThe Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering Essay608 Words   |  3 Pageshorizontal gene transfer and cloning. There has been little progress in the re-arranging of genes in the last several years, due to the complexity of the problem, as there is no technique developed to analyse the sequence of DNA quickly. The analysis of E-coli DNA sequence took 12 years! Artificial horizontal gene transfer is a method of gene transfer between different species. Scientists transfer some known small genes to another species to improve their functions. There are